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Start Your Journey towards Better Hearing And More Freedom Without Feeling pressured, Sold-to or overwhelmed

Did you know the audiology industry in Australia is the most corporatised in the world, and most clinics are owned by foreign hearing aid manufacturers (one brand only option). Only 8% like Crystal Hearing are truly independent with no preferred suppliers. 

As an independent audiology clinic in Adelaide, with a unique focus on one-to-one client relationships, it's our promise that you'll never end up feeling like another number, sold to or unhappy throughout the process to better hearing health.

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No Sales Pressure

You won't be harassed at all hours of the night from call centers out of state: I understand where you are in your journey and leave it at that.


Competitive Pricing

Being independent means I can source you the newest products the fastest. Chain providers have older technology they push to sell and don't have access to the newest technology on the market.


Continuity of Care

I’m not going anywhere and I’ll keep you on track for the lifetime of your hearing aids including more regular aftercare (3 monthly appts.).

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Better Hearing Health Starts With A Better Hearing Care Provider

Crystal Hearing offers a variety of hearing care services so you can live a quality life on your terms.

Comprehensive Adult Hearing Tests
Microsuction Ear Wax Removal (Ages 3+)
Hearing Aid Consultations, Reviews and Servicing 
Crystal Hearing Adelaide
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Why Choose Crystal Hearing

I'm Meaghan, Director and Senior Audiologist at Crystal Hearing.

And this is me and my Nanna, who I was very close to: she passed away in September 2023 at an impressive 98 years old, had 6 children (my mum was the youngest), 14 grandchildren (I am the youngest) and 20 great grandchildren.  She kept physically and socially fit, read a lot, and attributed her healthy ageing to keeping a healthy physical body and brain AND she wears her hearing aids (saying she thinks of me every morning when she puts them in her ears.)    One of the key moments that motivated me to start my own business was back in July 2022 when I went to visit her, I popped my head into local Kapiti Hearing to get her some wax filters for her hearing aids: a friendly independent audiologist Jeanie said "just do it! You'll never turn back".  And here I am, excited and thankful I got the push I needed to become independent. 

Don't take my word for it

What Crystal Hearing Clients Say...

As a 77 year old male who was 'pushed' into having a hearing test by my partner, I was somewhat tentative about attending. I found Meaghan to be very professional and patient as she explained the link between brain health and hearing loss before commencing the technical testing. Her instructions and explanations during the testing process were clear and concise, which put me at ease.

My previous experience with an audiologist was quite daunting with little explanation of what was being done, and then the push to sell a device as quickly as possible. That put up a big red flag so I did not go back.

Following the testing, I was shown, with a series of graphs, what level of hearing loss I was suffering (thankfully not severe) and we went on to discuss alternatives. I followed Meaghan's advice so she fitted and adjusted a 'loan' hearing aid which I wore for 10 days (with one tweaking visit) before deciding to go ahead and purchase my own device. Four days 'down the track' and I am becoming comfortable with wearing them all day.
Time will tell but I have been very happy with the advice and service from Crystal Hearing and will recommend them to my friends.

Peter Allmand - Crystal Hearing Client

Highly recommend! I had a really good first experience having microsuction ear wax removal and a hearing test. I didn't know what to expect, but Meaghan was very professional, friendly and put me at ease right away; she explained and talked me through everything, kept checking in with me and was meticulous. I ended up with a great result and I would definitely return. The space also feels warm and welcoming and not so "clinical", which is a really nice change!

Rachael W - Crystal Hearing Client

Great service by Meaghan, she tested my hearing during an earwax microsuction appointment, and identified a hearing loss and referred me to investigate a potential noise induced hearing claim: the microsuction has helped with reduced tinnitus and better hearing. Will be telling all my friends about her great service!

Kelly McInerney - Crystal Hearing Client


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