Independent Audiology in West Lakes

As an independent audiology clinic in Adelaide, with a unique focus on one-to-one client relationships, it's our promise that you'll never end up feeling like another number, sold to or unhappy throughout the process to better hearing health.

The audiology industry in Australia is the most corporatized in the world, and most clinics are owned by foreign hearing aid manufacturers (one brand only option). Only 8% like Crystal Hearing are truly independent with no preferred suppliers. 

Meaghan at Crystal Hearing: is a compassionate and experienced audiologist of 7+ years, who can treat you for earwax removal as well as diagnose and treat your hearing loss, as well as triage appropriate medical (GP and/or ENT Specialist) referrals.

  • Local independent audiology clinic open 8:30am-5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Best and newest hearing aids with widest selection available (independently owned and operated).
  • Medical emergency appointments available.
  • Conveniently located in the Complexica Building: level 1 above the Ngutungka West Lakes Library, with easy access to physiotherapy, podiatry and dental practices on the same floor
  • Fully wheelchair accessible with a lift
  • Disabled parking and dedicated "West Lakes Physio" 2-hour parking beside Complexica Building on Phillips Street, adjacent to football oval. 
  • COVID-safe clinic with full health and safety plan

When you become a client of Crystal Hearing...

You'll benefit from a fully registered provider with the Hearing Services Program

which means pensioners qualify for fully subsidised devices, OR funding toward their preferred choice (approximately $1,400 once every 5 years).

You'll receive personalized, compassionate and thorough care and diagnostic testing

so you’re both informed, and can be assured your hearing treatment is specific to you and your hearing loss

Real ear measures to optimise your hearing aid performance

so you're getting the best sound out of your hearing aids

You'll be kept on track and nurtured with more regular quarterly appointments

than traditional audiology services so you don’t waste your investment with hearing aids that stay in the top drawer or that aren’t comfortable, don’t work or you don’t enjoy wearing! 

You'll have access to a 30-day trial period

so you feel confident we can work together for a solution that works for you

Benefit from a complimentary taxi service...

(2 return trips first year) with hearing aids purchase if you’re without a driver's license so that you can easily come and see us: follow ups over the phone and email also easily done.

Have us liaise with your Aged Care Package funder

to request that your hearing aids are fully funded under your plan

You'll even be able to make use of my earwax microsuction services

which is a safe (no water introduced to ears) process when compared with traditional ear syringing techniques. You will see before and after images of your ear canal, with video otoscopy which can be a fascinating visual (who needs Netflix!)


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Why Choose Crystal Hearing

I'm Meaghan, Director and Senior Audiologist at Crystal Hearing.

And this is me and my Nanna, who I was very close to: she passed away in September 2023 at an impressive 98 years old, had 6 children (my mum was the youngest), 14 grandchildren (I am the youngest) and 20 great grandchildren.  She kept physically and socially fit, read a lot, and attributed her healthy ageing to keeping a healthy physical body and brain AND she wears her hearing aids (saying she thinks of me every morning when she puts them in her ears.)  One of the key moments that motivated me to start my own business was back in July 2022 when I went to visit her, I popped my head into local Kapiti Hearing to get her some wax filters for her hearing aids: a friendly independent audiologist Jeanie said "just do it! You'll never turn back".  And here I am, excited and thankful I got the push I needed to become independent. 

Crystal Hearing Adelaide

You Have More Freedom When You Choose An Independent Hearing Care Provider


No Sales Pressure

You won't be harassed at all hours of the night from call centers out of state: I understand where you are in your journey and leave it at that.


Competitive Pricing

Being independent means I can source you the newest products the fastest. Chain providers have older technology they push to sell.


Continuity of Care

I’m not going anywhere and I’ll keep you on track for the lifetime of your hearing aids including more regular aftercare (3 monthly appts.).

WITH access to: