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At Crystal Hearing, we are owner operated and independent which means we can source the widest and newest hearing aids on the market and choose the best option to suit your listening needs. We also regularly review your hearing and hearing aids, including those purchased elsewhere, to keep you on track for the life of your hearing aids.

We offer

  • Clinical expertise as Meaghan has 8 years' experience fitting the broadest range of hearing aids, across 3 different private companies
  • Access to the latest, smallest, most discrete, and best performing "top 5" hearing aids on the market
  • Rechargeable models which are easy to manage and more cost effective in the long-term
  • Direct connectivity with select smart phones (e.g., iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S models) enabling direct phone call and music streaming, as well as "remote control" applications to adjust your hearing aids yourself
  • 30-day money back guarantee on all hearing aids
  • Regular aftercare for the life of your hearing aids (approximately 3-5 years depending on need, health and lifestyle)

What Hearing Aid Styles Work Best?

Many clients come to audiology appointments with preconceived ideas on what style will work best for them. However, there is more to it than personal preference.  Factors such as hearing loss (severity and shape), dexterity, ear health, ear canal size/shape, disposable versus rechargeable desire will determine which style best suits you and will perform the best.  This is why visiting us at Crystal Hearing is crucial, so your audiologist can assess you.  Book in with us to our free hearing aid consultation to enquire.

What About Your Hearing Aid Funding Options?

There are several different funding options available for the purchase of hearing aids in Australia. Crystal Hearing is a registered healthcare service provider the Australian government hearing services program (HSP) which means if you’re an eligible pensioner or DVA card holder, you are able to access government funding ($1,400) toward your hearing aids purchase and appointments.  Call Crystal Hearing with your pension card details to enquire.

Private clients can often access private health insurance if they have Extras coverage for hearing aids.  Some people can access up to $1,200 rebate on a pair of their hearing aids, average sitting around $800 rebate.  Call your health funder to enquire.

Individuals who have a noise induced hearing loss, caused from noise injury when working in South Australia, may have RTWSA eligibility.  If eligible, you would be fully subsidised for mild/silver level hearing aids every 5 years and have review appointments fully covered. Meaghan, our audiologist at Crystal Hearing would need to assess you by clinical history taking, audiometry and an assessment of "noise induced" hearing threshold calculation. She would then refer you to a "no win no fee" lawyer who can discuss with you the RTWSA process further.  Call Crystal Hearing if interested in this appointment type. 

Individuals who have an Aged Care Package funder may be eligible to have full coverage funding for their hearing aids.  Importantly, you cannot “double dip” from HSP funding as well as Aged Care Package funding, however some providers can fund you if you’re considered private/not claiming the HSP portion.  Call Crystal Hearing to enquire. 

Our audiologist, Meaghan, is a full and registered member of Audiology Australia and will support you to apply for any relevant funding for your hearing-related needs.

The Ins and Outs of Hearing Aid Technology

We can source the newest and widest range of hearing aids for you.  Crystal Hearing is unlike chain audiology companies who have preferred suppliers and will only offer 1-2 brands: this often means they cannot find the most suitable technology or style, since they’re limited in their choice: certain hearing aid brands may not have crucial features that are important for you.

Your chosen technology level (among other factors) will be determined by your lifestyle and hearing goals and your budget.

Below is a description of our technology levels, with examples of which environments they perform well in


Hearing aids that help improve listening to conversations in all types of environments with additional emphasis on speech to know where it’s coming from in crowds and in high levels of background noise. 

Environments managed well by excellence technology: groups of 20+ like in restaurants, reverberant environments (high ceilings, hard acoustic materials) windy beaches/golf course, hearing beside/behind/next to like all passengers in car (multidirectional sound sources), music and TV sounds clear/rich sound quality

Price: $6,895 pair with government subsidy ($8,495 private clients)


Hearing aids that helps improve listening to conversations in environments with background noise when speech is coming from the front and sides.

Environments managed well by advanced technology: Group 10-20, medium level background noise for example in quieter restaurants, card group, bowls green with quiet club house, family gathering 10-20 people, in the car hearing your passenger, music and TV sounds clear/rich sound quality

Price: $5,480 pair with government subsidy ($7,080 private clients)


Hearing aids that helps improve listening to conversations in simple listening environments and to help you to know where sounds are coming from in quiet environments.

Environments managed well by mid technology: Group size 3-10, low level background noise for example family group at home with TV in background, home visitors, in the car hearing your passenger.

Price: $4,944 pair with government subsidy ($6,544 private clients)


Hearing aids capable of handling simple listening environments.

Environments managed well by basic technology: Group 1-3, quiet environment for example wife/husband alone at home, TV at home with no background noise, phone with no background noise, car engine noise comfortable but not hearing passengers well in the car.

Price:  $3,520 pair with government subsidy ($5,120 private clients)

Essential (disposable battery)

Capable of handling simple listening environments.

Environments managed well by essential technology Group 1-2, no background noise management for example hearing one other at home alone in quiet room..

Price: $0.00 pair with government subsidy ($3,500 private clients.)


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